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les Fleurs du Mal

In 1821, Charles Baudelaire was born to become one of the most influential poets of his time. In his attempt to portray the contradictions of the Parisian seventeenth century’s everyday life, he reshaped the literary forms of poetry. Upon publishing Les Fleurs du Mal, Baudelaire was accused of being a breacher of public morality and many of his poems were forbidden.

In 2015, his visits to me began.

Meanings became more lucid,

More profound

Dissolved the bounds of time

Wounds burst
The flowers of evil sprout again

And mute, they chant
I am the blade, I am the wound

The torturer, the victim

The tattoo, the tattooed

The flower in its blood,

And the orchard of thorns

Les Fleurs du Mal is a collection of thirty nine pieces created digitally using iPad.

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